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Singapore Shooting Association is the national authority for shooting in Singapore. It co-ordinates, regulates, advises and administers all matters relating to the shooting sport. This includes Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and other related shooting activities. It is the sole national authority affiliated to the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

Singapore Shooting Association is one of the sponsors for NUSIS 2023.

Website: singaporeshooting.org/portal


Singapore’s largest and best-equipped air weapons range can be found at SAFRA Yishun. They offer air rifle and air pistol shooting for those looking to join as a Shooting Club member or organise an event.

Their 33-lane Competition Range features the latest Electronic Target System suitable for hosting national and regional shooting competitions. They also have an 11-lane Training Range, complete with target conveyors, projector and screen, making the perfect venue for recreational events and shooting courses.

SAFRA Yishun is one of the sponsors for NUSIS 2023.

Website: www.safra.sg/enjoy/indoor-air-weapons-range


KOTEX, a Kimberly-Clark’s feminine care brand trusted by millions of women in more than 100 countries. With a longstanding brand heritage of more than 90 years, Kotex continues to drive growth through strong product innovation today.

Kotex is one of the sponsors for NUSIS 2023.

Website: https://www.kotex.com.sg/

Kingdom Food Group (KFG) is a Food & Beverage Operator in Singapore, focused on offering unique and affordable buffet concepts. They currently own seven restaurants across different parts of Singapore.

The group is constantly expanding since its first wildly successful venture into the Food and Beverage industry in 2014, personified as I’m Kim Korean BBQ in the iconic building of School of the Arts (SOTA). Since then, I’m Kim has gained wide traction among both locals and tourists, establishing a reputation of great food quality and affordability. Riding on its success, KFG went on to open five more restaurants in 2016-2021 – all offering all-you-can-eat buffet concepts. This includes GoroGoro Steamboat, the first hotpot in Singapore with a Korean twist and Captain Kim – halal-certified Korean BBQ & hotpot. 

Safe and Eco-friendly products are considered as niche products in our society. Something that is seldom or rarely bought.

Cloversoft works hard to empower individuals to be the hero we have always wanted to be to mother earth. This is done through making Affordable, Safe and Eco-friendly daily consumables accessible globally.

Their goal is to facilitate convenience for this change into every household and business.

Cloversoft is one of the sponsors for NUSIS 2023.

Website: https://cloversoft.com.sg/

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